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Making a personal connection through text advertising
Scott Navratil

Jolla is a start-up Finnish phone maker that just released its first phone ever, the Jolla. Though a small start-up of only about 80 employees, the company is already seeing a lot of success and quite a bit of interest in their product. Since most start-up companies fail pretty fast, especially in the phone manufacturing industry, Jolla must have some sort of secret that is helping them out. That secret is personability. And with text advertising, it is easier get more personal than ever.

From people and for people

Normally, when companies start advertising products, they are trying to build brand recognition. Everything is about the brand because customers will be loyal to a brand and buy a brand. It also makes it easier to keep selling news products without having to sell each product individually because people will always buy from the brand. The Jolla plan was a bit different, according to Tech Crunch. Instead of selling a brand, they are selling people.

The idea is that they are a group of people trying to sell products to people. The people who are working on the smartphones are passionate about what they are doing and want to talk about it. Instead of having executives hiding up in big offices where they are never seen, all the workers are out talking about the product and making personal connections with the people around them. This includes showing up to large launch events, shaking everyone’s hands, and learning people’s names. By making personal connections, Jolla will start to build brand recognition and enjoy all the benefits of brand recognition, but it will also have more loyal customers because of the personal connection made.

You can get personal too

No matter where your company is in the marketing process, you should start to get personal with your customers too. Nothing creates more loyal customers than personability. Do this with text advertising. It is easy to send mass texts that give your customers a sense of individual care while also making it easy on you to reach all your customers. Text advertising is the perfect way to let your customers respond to you, as well, and allow for recognition of content and answers to questions without any work on your part. Because your customers will be able to ask questions and get answers, they will feel as though they are getting the best customer service with individual care, and you don’t have to do any work to get there.

Setting up text advertising

It is really fast to set up your text advertising, and it is worth it in the end to get more loyal customers who come back and refer their friends. It is as simple as signing up and providing on online code for your customers to use to sign up for the service. One quick way to get your customers to sign up is to offer a small incentive, such as a 15% off coupon after signing up. The immediate incentive will draw them in, and the individual customer service will keep them coming back!


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