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Making use of new marketing options
Scott Navratil

With smartphones and the internet available to us, there are many opportunities constantly available for marketing to our customers. But maybe you don’t know all the new, trendy things that are available to you and your business. There are so many cool new ways to reach out to your customers and offer amazing marketing. Here are some of the top ways you can use new marketing options right now.

Pay for celebrity endorsement

Getting a celebrity to endorse your business can bring in a lot of new customers. But getting a really famous endorsement can be really expensive. Instead, find people on Instagram who are trending in your market and use them for endorsements. It costs a lot less money, and it will really focus on your specific audience. For example, if you are in the vegan market, you might offer your product for free in exchange for a review, or even a small payment could be arranged.

Text marketing

Reaching out to your customers through texting is an old school way of marketing, but it is becoming new again with AI Chatbot making it possible to communicate with your customers and offer customer service with the push of a button. Customers really appreciate being able to contact you for information through text, and it gives you an opportunity to send them ads as well.

Live streaming on social media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have really focused in on this idea of live streaming. It means you can get online and have your customers there with you in person for a few minutes. It becomes very personal and also allows you to answer questions live. It is a great way for you to involve your customers and make them feel like they are a part of what you are doing.

Short-lived content

Putting up content that disappears pretty quickly is a trend that is getting more and more popular with time. Businesses can post quick and easy content that feels authentic and let their customers view it, but it goes away after a predetermined time. It is great because it means you can give immediate ads without thinking too hard about it, and your customers feel a part of your business. But it also disappears quickly meaning it doesn’t matter if it is last minute and not thought through.

Chantel Fullilove

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