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Marketing and Customer Service: Working in Sync
Scott Navratil

Large businesses and small businesses will inherently have different problems, and one that a large business may face is that communication between different departments is often lacking. You keep each team separated in their own functions and ask for information to be spread when necessary. This can be a huge problem in the marketing and customer service departments that actually rely on each other more than you realize. For a small business, you might have the same couple of people in charge of both of these things, which makes things a bit easier. But larger businesses need to make a shift from what was appropriate in the past in order to keep up with what customers expect today.

All about personalization

The future of business is about personalization. When there are a hundred other companies doing the same thing as you, being able to attract customers with good marketing and keep them with exceptional customer service means being able to personalize to their specific needs. According to CIO, your marketing team, for example, will be the ones reaching out to customers and bringing them into the company. They will learn about customers including their needs and wants. Your customer service team is then expected to cater to those needs even though they may not necessarily have the same information. By keeping these two teams in contact and passing along the right information, you are able to personalize the level of customer service being offered and increase your ability to maintain customers.

Offering the right promotions

The marketing team may come up with some really great promotions and start pushing them immediately without communicating with the customer service team. While that may not matter in some instances, the customer service needs to be aware of promotions, so they know how to address questions about them. Also, consider inviting the customer service team in to decide whether or not promotions are going to work well for the consumer. They spend a lot of time communicating with the customer addressing specific needs and problems, so they are going to have a good idea on whether or not a new promotion is going to be received well for current customers.

Overlap with texting

Another area you  may see overlap is with your text marketing. While one team is responsible for sending out personalized promotions to customers via text message, the customer service representatives are responsible for responding to text matters from customers and addressing specific questions. Fortunately, AI Chatbots can help with a good portion of text questions from customers, but it is important that both marketing and customer service are communicating well with each other in order to make for a much more successful text marketing campaign.

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