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Marketing of the future: texting with speech
Scott Navratil

Most phones already allow you to send a text by speaking into the phone instead of actually typing it. Though this technology still isn’t as advanced as most people would like, it is still fairly useful when you are trying to send a quick text. But now you’ll even be able to text with a Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. The truth is that the marketing of the future depends on new inventions like this. You need to focus on what is changing, so you can market to your customer in the ways they are using their technology.

All about the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch

Though the Toq is more of an invention to help the industry move forward and may not be available to you directly, it does allow for users to speak into the wearable technology to send and receive text messages, according to Mashable. Not only could the technology be applied to smartwatches, but it could also be applied to all kinds of wearable technology such as bracelets, necklaces, etc. Again, Toq is mostly an example for other manufacturers to follow, but it could make a huge difference to how people send and receive text messages on a regular basis.

Texting: Never a dying art

You would think with all the technology we have that somewhere along the way, we’d stop using text messaging. Honestly, there is nothing easier than being able to send and receive a quick text with short questions and answers. That is why it is something that will never die. When you consider the marketing of the future, you should think about how texting has changed over the years. Though there have been different methods in sending and receiving these messages (which is continuing to change even today, as Toq has shown), the fact still remains that most of your consumers are going to have a cell phone and are going to send text messages with it.

Keeping up to date with texting

The good news is that getting started with a text messaging platform is really easy. And since texting has worked well in the past and present, you can bet it will be part of the marketing of the future. Just start by setting up your automated system, which could allow you to both receive and automatically respond to texts from your consumers. Your customers will feel like they are getting individual customer service even when they are really just getting automatic texts with their answers. The hard part of it is not getting the system set up but getting your customers to sign up to receive the texts. A lot of them want to know what is going on with your business but just don’t realize that you even have it. Offer some sort of discount on their current purchase by signing up for texts, or work with someone who owns a deal site to have them market to all their customers. If you can get a few people signed up, they will refer their friends, and eventually, you’ll have a great following.


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