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Marketing in 2017: Get Smart
Scott Navratil

Technology has jumped leaps and bounds in the last few years, and the ability to market to your customers has grown with it. Everything is getting smarter and better, so you can give your customers more of what they want. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart apps are no longer a thing of the future. The future is now, and it is time you start marketing smarter.

AI Chatbot

With AI capabilities increasing and consumers demanding more conversational-like responses, your company needs to start considering how you want to incorporate chatbot into your marketing. You can use text customer service with AI Chatbot that allows your customers to have two-way text conversations with immediate responses.

We are also seeing more companies building apps with Chatbot in them. Starbucks, for example, uses Chatbot to take customer orders through text. A customer simply needs to say or type what they want, and the Chatbot will analyze the information and pump out an order for them.

Predictive Analysis

It is amazing that companies can analyze past trends and behaviors in order to kick out suggestions for a consumer’s. And through this, your business is able to offer extremely personalized services to your customers. Personalization is the biggest thing in the marketing world right now, and using predictive analysis in your smart apps helps you give the personalization they crave.

And it is about to get better, soon, these programs will be able to not only make suggestions for consumers based on their past behaviors but also at the exact right time that a consumer needs to see it. With the data from past purchases, searches, and even GPS locations of your phone, computer algorithms can identify exactly when and where a consumer needs to see an ad to get them in your store to make a purchase.

Location-based marketing now

Even if the technology isn’t quite up to speed with predictive analysis to give you everything you want in a smart app now, you still have a lot of great options. You can use location-based marketing already to send ads to consumers when they are within a certain distance of your store. Sometimes, a customer doesn’t know exactly where they want to go next, and a reminder that you are close by will get them in the store.

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