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Marketing like a Millennial: Top tips
Scott Navratil

The newest employees and buyers in the economy are Millennials. Many of them are finding a lot of success simply because they have a firm grasp on technology and use to use it for their benefit. In fact, some of the best marketing experts out there are Millennials. Here are some of the top tips to follow if you want to try marketing like a millennial.

People buy from people

One of the biggest tips a Millennial marketer will give you is to recognize that people buy from people, not businesses. That is why social media marketing is so successful for businesses. By engaging with customers, businesses are able to give themselves an identity that their customers will either like or dislike. Whether or not your customers like your business’ social identity will determine whether or not they really want to buy from you.

Building your brand on social media will give your business a face. By studying your audience and what they love, you’ll know exactly what information and social interactions are most important to give your audience.


The more technology advances, the more capable your business is of personalizing your marketing efforts to the individual customer. For example, you can do location-based marketing that shows ads to customers within a 10 mile radius of your business. Or you can send text marketing messages to specific sub-groups of your customers such as a discount on baby clothing to pregnant mothers or mothers of small children.

This kind of focused marketing not only increases the chance of getting a customer to make a purchase, it also improved the relationship with the customer. Again, people buy from people, and if a customer feels like you really know them well, they are more likely to come back.

Authenticity from your brand

Treat your customers like they are your friends. They aren’t stupid, and they can tell when you are being real with them and when you are just trying to sell them stuff. By creating more authenticity in your branding and interactions with customers, you will be able to build a stronger relationship and make a sale. Part of this is done with more engagement through social media platforms and text marketing. The more you allow your customers to tell you what they want and need, the more you’ll be able to give them what they want.

Expect to be pulled in many different directions

Millennials are experts at multi-tasking, and they can tweet, text, email, take selfies, and watch a show all at the same time. It is something that is becoming more common and will become the norm. That is part of the reason why text customer service is becoming so prevalent and calling customer service seems to be dying out. If you are on a call with someone, you need to devote your entire attention to it. However, if you are texting them, you can send the text and do something else while you wait for the response. Having text customer service options available is one way Millennials marketers and customer service representatives are so successful.


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