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Marketing to target communication changes
Scott Navratil

Over the years, the ways we communicate with one another has changed. Way back in the day, they had telegrams and runners who took messages from place to place. Communication was very limited. Then we got to a point where we finally had the ability to make phone calls all over the world. Then email came along along with cell phones and now smartphones. We’re at the point that we can practically spend all day communicating with people around us. Your business should be moving with the times and marketing with these kinds of changes. The only way to survive is to stay ahead of the pack.

Biggest changes with text messaging

One of the biggest changes in how we communicate with the change that came with texting. The idea that you could send a message that was instantly delivered to someone on their phone, and they could respond whenever they had a chance instead of right away, made a huge difference to communication. All of the sudden it was easier to text dates and time. The idea of saying hello and catching up before getting down to business disappeared. There was no point in pleasantries anymore when texting. Because of this, people would rather text someone than call because calling meant you had to spend time talking to someone whereas texting was fast and easy. But this means it is easier to market too.

No use for pleasantries

It used to be that companies had to make their customers feel good and get to know them. They couldn’t just say “buy my product” without first offering the “hellos” and “how do you dos.” Now everything has changed. People spend more time communicating by getting to the point and skipping the pleasantries. That means your advertising can get more to the point. Maybe the point is that there is going to a sale today, and maybe the point is that you love your customers. Either way, marketing to your customers is easier when you can simply text exactly what you want to get across.

Change in language

The other thing you need to remember before marketing through text messaging is the fact that language has been changing due to the change in communication. Facebook is now a main source of communication for people, for example, and the language on Facebook has changed how we talk to one another. A few examples are works such as “like,” which can now be used as a noun, such as “I need another like on this picture.” According to CNN, these kinds of changes in language affect how we communicate. Another example is the idea of “sharing” something. Now, it means you are simply sharing something you found on the internet on your Facebook wall, but it used to be more in reference to have to sit with someone and use the same book. These changes are good for your marketing though. If you really get through to a customer or they really like the deal they offer, they will “share” it with their friends. You need to be aware of these changes to be able to effectively communicate with your customers though. Make sure you are staying up to date with common verbiage, so you can use it in your text marketing.

Source: CNN

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