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Marketing to the Masses: Digital Marketing
Scott Navratil

As the masses have gone digital, marketing to the masses requires companies to meet them on the digital level. And there is no shortage of digital spheres in which consumers mingle, thereby allowing companies to reach out and market to those consumers in a variety of ways. And effective use of those digital spheres will lead to effective and rewarding marketing.

Digital Mediums

A company’s website is the first and foremost means of marketing. Clean and well-branded websites allow consumers to peruse around, get the information they need, make a purchase, start a subscription, and so much more. User-friendly websites with up-to-date information, alluring images, and quick conveniences will sell themselves. And with AI chatbots added to a website, users and consumers can interact directly with the site to get the information when they need it.

Marketing to Mobile Users

Going mobile is one of the most important ventures of the modern digital world. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post by Jane Durand, users “expect mobile experiences that match desktop in function and utility.” If consumers cannot access a company’s services through their mobile device, then the website needs to be updated. Consumers expect to be able to transfer money, book a flight, order a ride, and read a book from a mobile device. And as more consumers use SMS messaging, companies need to market through SMS messaging. Inviting consumers to receive information through text messaging will provide a direct means to market to individual people.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the biggest means by which companies can market themselves digitally. Facebook has the advantages of live and recorded videos for streaming commercials, text and video posts for spreading information, sponsored ads for pushing content further, direct messaging for personally connecting with consumers, and easy following for consumers to receive all posted updates. But there is also Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat. Social media is a large-scale forum for marketing on all levels.

Marketing to Today’s Consumers

Despite the variety of platforms and mediums in which digital marketing occurs, consumers are not just wanting to see more content: consumers want to see and experience better content. Consumers want to view engaging, professional, and informing videos. They want real articles that show real people. They want to have fun while on the web or connected to an app.

And not only do consumers want to have engaging experiences, they want to engage in a personal way. Durand says to marketers: “rather than trying to create messaging and experiences that will appeal to all users, you should focus on how to create custom experiences that resonate better with specific users.” The extra research and effort to market on a personal level will be extensive but will pay off in big ways when consumers personally connect to a company’s brand and the experiences offered them.

Digital marketing is marketing to the masses. Whether through a website, an app, SMS messaging, or social media, good marketing will invite consumers and users to interact and experience content in an easy, convenient, and personal way.

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