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Measuring success with mobile marketing
Scott Navratil

A crucial aspect of any marketing campaign is measuring success. If businesses can measure success, they can’t know for sure what’s working and what isn’t. They can’t make an informed decision when it comes to deciding how to allocate marketing funds. On the other hand, businesses that are paying close attention to metrics can know where to invest more money and which marketing efforts can be scrapped.

Measuring success for marketing campaigns is difficult enough with traditional forms of marketing but it can be especially difficult for mobile marketers to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. According to a recent study by Adobe, less than one third of mobile marketers feel they are doing good job of measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns. The difficulty stems from the fact that despite the large number of mobile marketing metrics, its hard to quantify success.

The trouble with mobile marketing

The reason success can be so hard to quantify with mobile marketing is that many who are influenced by mobile marketing advertisements will end up completing the purchase from a desktop computer or in person. Conversion rates on mobile devices remain quite low compared to desktops and in-store and many businesses cite that as a reason to give up on mobile marketing altogether. However, many of their customers who convert on a computer or in-store were led there from their smartphone.

Don’t rely on too few metrics

The biggest mistake mobile marketers can make when it comes to measuring success is relying on too few metrics. There is no shortage of tools that allow marketers to measure success but many only use one or two of them. To get an accurate picture of how successful a marketing campaign is, marketers will need to rely on a number of metrics and put in some hard work to analyze that data.

The future of mobile metrics

Mobile marketing is still a relatively young marketing channel. As it continues to grow and develop, there will surely be more accurate mobile metrics tools. In the meantime, marketers shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. There is still much to be gained from mobile marketing and it remains one of the most cost effective marketing channels. Marketers need only keep in mind that their efforts may be paying off even when the numbers seem to suggest otherwise.


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