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Millennials respond well to text marketing
Scott Navratil

No matter what bad things you might say about millennials and the way they behave, the truth is, they are no longer kids. They are your customers, either right now or very soon in the future. And that means you need to start focusing on reaching them all the time. That is why you need to change to mobile. The most effective way to reach a Millennial is to start with text marketing to grab their attention right away.

Millennials and attention problems

If there is one thing we know about most Millennials, it is that they can’t seem to focus for anything. Media Post points out that 94 percent of Millennials reported to multi task while they are watching shows, making TV ads basically useless. Instead of watching the commercials, they focus on a mobile device. However, the ads that did get through to Millennials made a much bigger impact than before. More or less, if you can get your advertising or marketing techniques to a point where it gets through to the kid, you are much more likely to get their business.

Staying connected

Millennials are all about staying constantly connected. Sitting quietly alone and thinking is not their strong point. According to Inside Facebook, “This generation is the most interactive, well connected, educated, liberal group of people the world has ever seen. We love to collaborate, co-create, and participate.” They want to be a part of everything you do and feel like they have had a say in what happens. Give them a chance to voice their opinions through text message surveys. Allow them a chance to communicate with you through text marketing. It is much more effective if you can communicate with them in a way they communicate, so get started with texting.

Offering a discount or reward

Brand loyalty started to disappear there for a little while, but the Millennials are certainly bringing it back. And they are willing to try anything if you give them a little push with a discount or incentive of sorts, according to Inside Facebook. You can start your text marketing with a discount of some sort, and they will come in. And then they will be loyal if it is a good product. The only real problem is that they don’t always go for cheap. They would rather spend more money for less product knowing it is better than waste money on cheap stuff. Make sure you are offering only high-quality products and great customer service, and you will be able to grow your business.

Very distracted, but not impossible

Because the Millennials are very distracted by everything around them, you need to focus on creating a way to grab their attention and keep it. But you also can’t expect them to stick around for a four minute advertisement. If it is quick and easy, they will try it out, but if it takes a while or requires some effort, they may not be as willing. Send a quick text with a quick coupon, and you will get much more business from the Millennials.


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