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Mobile advertising to increase with mobile data traffic
Scott Navratil

Have you ever wondered how much mobile data traffic affects mobile advertising? There is a direct correlation, in fact. The more mobile data someone needs, the more time they are spending on their phone. The more time they are spending on their phone, the more you need to be advertising to them. Advertising is all about getting as much exposure as possible with the biggest audience is possible. That is easier with mobile now.

Seeing mobile data traffic increase

A new report from Cisco has been released on the amount of data that is expected to be consumed in 2018 compared to 2013. At that point, there will be more uploads and downloads on smartphones than on laptops, according to Reuters. On amount of data consumed through smartphones will reach eight times the current amount. The only real problem with these increases is that wireless carriers are going to have to come up with some way to support all the wireless data. It may take more money upfront to get the systems set up, which is something most companies are unwilling to do. Fortunately, the report points out that there will be huge increases in mobile data traffic and that there will need to be changes made if wireless carriers want to keep up with the times.

Business advertising easier

This is great news for your business! It means that you will have even greater access to reaching your customers through mobile marketing. If more people are using data, it means more people have smartphones. Reaching your customer base has never been so easy! Start with text marketing. Whether your customer has mobile data or not, they’ll quickly see any text you send them. After you’ve gotten your text messaging system figured out, you’ll want to work on social media. People spend hours upon hours every day using social media on their phones. Ensure that everything you post to your Facebook or Pinterest accounts are mobile friendly and ready to be seen by your customers.

Run through everything for your company to ensure that it is all mobile friendly. If you put a link to your website in a text message, you want to make sure it is easily accessible from mobile. If you get prepared now, you’ll do much better when people switch 100% over to mobile from computers.

Alternative mobile advertising options

There are a few options you may want to consider when it comes to mobile advertising that a lot of people haven’t considered. One of these may be advertising during TV shows. Maybe Netflix won’t allow any kind of advertising, but there are a lot of people switching to Hulu Plus because of the ability to watch TV shows sooner. Consider putting ads into these shows based on which ones your target audience will be watching. You will want to take a look at mobile advertising methods right now before other companies catch on. If you do, you’ll be able to easily stay ahead.

Sources: Reuters

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