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Mobile Marketers Target Younger Generations
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketers are beginning to turn to younger generations with their mobile campaigns by coming up with new and exciting content, and by becoming part of social media. Up until now the younger generations have ignored traditional advertising campaigns because they are always geared toward the baby boomers generation, so companies are coming up with ways that they can target the younger generations with content relatable to them.  According to Mobile Marketer, car companies such as Toyota, Mazda, Ford, and Honda have come up with new mobile marketing campaigns that include music tie-ins in hope to reach out to younger buyers.  These companies have paired up with artists such as Busta Rhymes and Ximena Sarinana in order to create a social media campaign and draw in the younger crowd.  Car companies particularly struggle to relate to younger generations because there are not many young buyers who can afford higher end vehicles, so they have had to become creative with their marketing tactics for this age range.  Not only have these companies created television advertisements geared towards the younger generations, they have also re-vamped their mobile presence by creating YouTube channels and social media profiles.  Ford offers free music downloads, which is also intriguing to younger buyers.  Most companies realize that the younger generations are becoming their most important consumers and therefore they have turned their marketing strategies toward those generations in hopes of creating loyal relationships with them.

Younger generations control social media

It is vital to the success of companies to become part of the mobile world particularly because of the younger generations.  Eventually those young consumers will be the primary consumers, and if companies do not have a presence where those consumers are most comfortable – the web – then they are bound to fail.  Younger consumers have strong mobile presences, and know how to make or break companies through social media.  Social media is an ideal way to market because it is a free and simple way to advertise to a broad number of consumers, but if companies do not appeal to the younger generations who nearly have full control of social media, they are bound to be ignored.  It can be a difficult task to impress a new generation who is so technology savvy, however, if companies do it right they can build a strong and loyal consumer base because consumers appreciate when companies reach out to them in familiar ways.  Companies should become familiar with popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr if they want the younger generations to notice them.  Already companies have seen great success from their social media campaigns, and if companies wish to be successful anymore they must gain acknowledgement through social media.  Companies who are looking to please this younger crowd should make it a priority to become part of social media because the quicker the win the hearts of the young consumers, the more their businesses will succeed.


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