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Mobile Marketers Upping the Ante
Scott Navratil

As mobile marketing becomes more popular, companies are coming up with new and exciting ways to reach consumers through their mobile devices.  It is definitely a challenge to keep consumers interested when it comes to mobile advertising, but companies continue to surprise their consumers with new interactive advertisements.  Mobile marketing used to be considered an annoyance by many consumers, but now that smartphones and tablets are so popular, most consumers prefer mobile ads, especially if they are interactive.  Although there is much success behind interactive applications, social media ads, and other complex forms of mobile advertising, sometimes the most successful advertisements are the simple SMS advertisements.  Text messages are the most personal way to reach consumers, and companies have the opportunity to gain the trust and loyalty of their consumers through text advertising.  It is important that companies do not abuse the relationships they have with their consumers by over whelming them with text message advertisements, rather they should take the opportunity to be creative with their SMS advertisements in order to bring in more business, and gain a loyal consumer base.  The challenge companies face today is the constant competition between other companies to come up with the most creative ways to market.

Success behind partnering up with sports leagues

One way companies are finding great mobile marketing success is by partnering up with sports leagues in order to promote their brand.  According to Mobile Marketer, Chipotle has a new and creative mobile marketing campaign that has seen a lot of success so far.  The restaurant chain has partnered up with Major League Soccer, taking advantage of the upcoming World Cup, and created an interactive SMS advertisement where consumers have the opportunity to win tickets to this year’s World Cup in Brazil.  Chipotle already has a great reputation when it comes to mobile advertising, and their new MLS Homegrown SMS game has only enhanced that reputation. Partnering up with sports leagues is a great way to market, especially around big sports events such as the World Cup.  When companies partner up with professional sports leagues, both the company and the sports league benefit because consumers receive great deals on products from the company as well as news and chances to participate in professional sports events.

Because professional sports are so popular, companies who partner up with professional sports leagues most often see an influx in business.  Sometimes the most difficult part about SMS advertising is getting the consumers’ contact information. Contests, such as the one Chipotle is currently holding, are great ways to get consumers to participate in SMS advertising.  Companies should take advantage of the popularity of professional sports become involved with the leagues in order to promote their businesses.  Chipotle’s success has shown us that it is definitely worth any and all time and money invested!


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