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Mobile marketing in the air: Europe following US lead
Scott Navratil

Just a couple of weeks ago, the FAA decided that all electronic devices except for phones were probably okay for use during the entire flight. People were excited because this means they no longer have to turn off electronics for the 30 minutes going up or the 30 minutes going down. It may be the only thing keeping kids from crying or noticing the pain in their ears as the elevation changes. But the US isn’t the only country making changes to flight requirements.

Europe changes rules too

Europe may be the jealous older brother of America trying desperately to prove itself by following the US lead. Soon after the announcement that electronic devices would now be allowed during the flight in the US, Europe had to come up with an announcement of its own. According to CNET, the European Aviation Safety Agency is actually allowing mobile devices to be used throughout the entire flight now. You can use your phone, read on a Kindle, play games with an iPad or do anything else you like without being disturbed by flight attendants telling you to shut it down. The only requirement is that the devices must be in airplane mode.

Why the change?

Many people say this move is specifically associated with allowing people the right to have their own personal electronic devices and use them whenever they want. However, it is more likely that either Europe was following America’s lead after assessments showed there was no danger associated with it or Europe has been doing tests of its own to make this decision. Since there haven’t been a lot of reports of European tests being done, it is easy to assume Europe is following the US lead on this one.

Good for mobile marketing

Mobile marketing, especially with texts, is the best way to reach your customers all the time. This is why news like this is big. It means you really can reach your customers no matter where they are by using a mobile phone. It isn’t dangerous, so you don’t have to worry about that, and they have nothing better to do than to check your product at that point anyway. With the ability to market on the ground or in the air, you really are getting the most when you market on mobile.

Location based marketing

Some people have felt stuck in a small market with no ability to grow their business. That doesn’t have to be you. As you can see, you can advertise to anyone all around the world through mobile marketing. If you are on mobile, expanding that market is a lot easier. Start by creating a website that works well with mobile, so your customers can make purchases anywhere around the world without having to go to your store or get on a computer. Then, start your text marketing. You will end up with more customers than you ever thought possible, and you may be able to expand into a much larger market all around the world.



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