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Mobile Marketing is the Best Marketing Tactic for Small Businesses
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is a top marketing tactic for big time retailers, and they have definitely seen success from it, but statistics show that mobile marketing might even work better for small businesses.  Many businesses are afraid to jump into mobile marketing because they believe it takes a substantial amount of time and money.  This is true when getting started, but once mobile marketing tactics are in place, it actually saves businesses time and money.  According to Mobile Marketing Watch, small businesses are putting the time and money they save by mobile marketing back into their businesses, ultimately having more time to focus on their customers and build relationships that will keep them in business.  Mobile marketing also gives businesses more time to focus on growing sales, and keep up with new trends and competitors.  Small businesses can also benefit from using mobile marketing technology to keep track of popular products verses the products that do not sell, keeping them from wasting valuable time and money.  In today’s economy, small businesses are considered a risk, however, mobile marketing makes small businesses less of a risk than ever before.

Ways to mobile market

Smartphones and tablets are hot items that most people in the United States own at this point in time.  Reaching out to consumers through their mobile devices is perhaps one of the easiest ways to market.  Once a company has earned the trust of their consumers, SMS marketing is a great way to reach a broad number of them with special promotions that will draw them into the stores.  Small businesses have the upper hand when it comes to building relationships with customers.  People tend to trust smaller businesses rather than large retailers, which gives them the assurance that their contact information is safe with the business.  Several small businesses have seen great success in SMS marketing, and have generated several loyal customers because of it.  Another successful mobile marketing tactic is interactive applications.  Consumers are looking for the most convenient ways to make purchases, and if they can access businesses through applications on their smartphones and tablets, business will grow.  Apps also allow consumers to access the business on their own time, another way businesses gain their trust and loyalty.  Beacons are another great way to reach consumers.  Beacons will alert consumers of the business’s locations once they are close enough to receive the beacon, drawing consumers into stores.

Businesses cannot go wrong with mobile marketing; especially small businesses.  The pros heavily outweigh the cons when it comes to mobile marketing, and let’s face it, technology is advancing rapidly, and businesses will see success if they use the advancing technology to their advantage.


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