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Is your mobile marketing campaign too precise?
Scott Navratil

You’ve no doubt been taught about the importance of carefully targeting your audience. If you fail to understand and target your audience, you risk targeting no one. What you may not know is that it’s also possible to over-target your audience and the consequences can be just as bad. Here’s a look at some ways over-targeting can reduce the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign.

When technology dictates your strategy

Mobile technology is advancing daily. It’s hard to keep up with the technology. Unfortunately, some people disregard their mobile marketing goals in an attempt to utilize new technology as it comes out. For instance, location based marketing can be a great tool when it fits into your mobile marketing goals. But if you launch a location-based marketing strategy just because you can, there’s a good chance that your efforts will be counter-productive if they’re not in line with what you’re trying to accomplish with mobile marketing. Let your customers’ needs and your marketing goals dictate your strategy rather than technology.

Define your range

Just as aiming too broadly can hurt your strategy, so too can aiming too narrow. Many marketers make the mistake of limiting their efforts to small an audience. Whether you’re limiting according to geography or by demographic, if your target audience is too small, chances are you won’t get enough results to justify your marketing efforts. Try to define your range so that it isn’t too broad or too narrow.

Mobile doesn’t always mean “on-the-go”

While it’s true that mobile does give consumers the ability to access the digital world wherever they go, that doesn’t mean every single mobile consumer is using their device on the go. If all of your mobile marketing efforts are centered around that idea, you’re missing that part of your mobile audience that is using their device from the comfort of their home.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

A great way to check the effectiveness of a mobile ad is to imagine yourself as a mobile consumer. What would it take for you to see and take action on an advertisement. If you feel it’s unlikely that you would ever see or be influenced by a given ad, chances are you’re guilty of over-targeting.


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