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Mobile marketing facts that amaze
Scott Navratil

In the marketing world, mobile marketing is dominating the scene. Marketers will tell you just how important it is for businesses to get into mobile marketing. If you still have doubts however, look at the statistics and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Mobile marketing stats

Here’s a few statistics about mobile marketing:

  • 91% of smartphone owners keep their phones within arm’s reach
  • 90% of mobile searches lead to some form of action. More than 50% of the time, a mobile search leads to a purchase
  • 4 Billion people own mobile phones. In comparison, only 3.5 million use a toothbrush
  • 25% of Americans access the internet through their mobile devices only
  • Cellphones outnumber PCs five to one
  • 82% of US adults own a mobile phone
  • Currently, there are 271 mobile subscribers in the United States
  • 49% of mobile subscribers in America own a smartphone
  • Brands that use text message marketing reach 95% of their target audience
  • 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received
  • Mobile ads are 4-5% more effective than online ads when it comes to brand favorability and purchase intent
  • Of those who “check in” on their smartphones, 37% do so on an Android and 34% do so from an iPhone
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to some form of action within an hour. In comparison, 70% of desktop searches lead to action within a month
  • 40% of mobile users report using their phones to look up additional information while watching TV
  • 74% of people use their mobile phone to assist in shopping. 79% of those make a purchase as a result
  • Data usage is predicted to grow by 1,800% between 2011 and 2016
  • Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than print coupons
  • 16.7 mobile subscribers use the “check in” feature
  • 81% of smartphone owners have conducted product research from a phone. 50% have made a purchase via phone
  • 33% of mobile users prefer offers via text
  • 30 million people watch TV content on their mobile phones
  • Men are more likely to click on mobile ads than women
  • 73% of smartphone owners say they make purchases over the mobile web as opposed to using a mobile app
  • 73% of marketers use mobile compared to just 43% two years ago
  • 40% of smartphone owners say they’ve scanned a QR code and made a purchase as a result
  • 49% of time spent on mobile devices is spent playing games. 30% is spent on social media
  • Mobile devices surpassed PCs as the most common internet access device in 2013
  • 95% of smartphone owners have searched for local information on their mobile device. 61% then called and 59% visited
  • Mobile accounts for 10.1% of adults’ media time but only .9% of ad spending
  • In June 2011, there were more mobile subscribers in America than there were people in America

Source:  Forbes

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