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Mobile Marketing: Getting a Head Start
Scott Navratil

Getting and maintaining customers all starts in one place: marketing. It is amazing the number of businesses, small and large, that don’t do any kind of mobile marketing, especially given that 58% of all search engine traffic comes from mobile searches. That is why it is so important that your business gets a head start on next year by really pushing mobile marketing strategies right now. Here are three ways, thanks to PC Tech Magazine, that you can get started today.

Social media a top priority

Smartphones used to be all business, and the point was that you could get a lot done with them. But things have changed, and now the main purpose of a smartphone for most people is to be entertained. They entertain themselves by spending hours every day on social media platforms, which means you should be putting a lot of effort into advertising through social media channels. You can get new customers by placing ads or even through contests where people have to share your post with their friends in order to enter. You can do promotions through other businesses to try and get some extra customers, and they will get your customers as well. Whatever you do, make sure you put the time and effort into advertising through social media.

A good website and a good experience

Your website design is more important than you know. If it is outdated or hard to navigate, your customers will simply go to a different one that offers them what they are looking for. Just as important is the ability for the site to load quickly. Don’t put too much on the site that takes time to load because mobile phone users aren’t going to sit around and wait five minutes for a site to load anymore. They will jump over to another site that works faster. Their experience they have with your business is greatly influenced by the website. Even most text marketing campaigns involve sending links to customers that bring them back to your website, so it is extremely important that the site is optimized for mobile and provides a fast and easy experience your customers have been looking for.

Source: PC Tech Magazine

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