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Mobile marketing myths exposed
Scott Navratil

If you want to know which aspects of an industry are trending, simply follow the money. Consider that mobile marketing budgets have increased by 142% since 2011. It’s safe to say that mobile marketing is a trend to watch. But with all the hype, there have been a number of misconceptions that have misled many business owners. In order to create an effective and successful marketing campaign, you’ll need to be able to separate the fact from the fiction. Here’s a look at five common mobile marketing myths.

Mobile users aren’t always on the go

A common misconception about mobile users is that they’re always rushing from one place to the next. Though many mobile users do fit this description, many others are using their mobile devices. According to one study, 75% of ad impressions were seen from home. This myth is important to bust because many marketers put so much emphasis on marketing to those who are out and about when the majority of mobile users are sitting at home. Instead try to find a balance that can reach both groups.

Not all mobile user behavior is simple

Another common myth is that all mobile user behavior is simple. Many marketers believe that the most they can hope for is for the mobile consumer to click to call or click to download. You’ve probably often heard that mobile customers aren’t willing to push more than a button or two to complete a mobile transaction. In actuality, mobile accounts for a third of all digital transactions across all industries. This suggests that mobile users are patient enough to purchase via mobile device.

Not all mobile metrics are created equal

When it comes to measuring the success of a mobile marketing campaign, many marketers are content to focus on just a few metrics such as the total number of views, clicks or downloads. While these numbers are important, they are insufficient by themselves. To accurately measure a marketing strategy’s effectiveness, it’s important to take a holistic approach to mobile analytics. Analyze many different metrics to not only determine the total number reached but the number acting on it.

Longer visits doesn’t mean more engagement

Yet another popular mobile marketing myth is that the longer a person is on a mobile site the better. Studies show, however, that after clicking through several pages, most mobile users eventually get bored and leave the site. In comparison, customers who find what they’re looking for right off the bat are most likely to convert (that’s marketing jargon for “make a purchase”). When designing your mobile site, focus on creating engagement on the first page or two.

Mobile alone may not be enough

Finally, with all the attention mobile is getting, many are promoting a mobile only marketing strategy. The problem with this strategy is that in today’s digital age, a customer might see a mobile ad on their smartphone, receive an email on their PC, and ultimately complete the purchase on a tablet. The best digital marketing campaigns are carried out across multiple platforms.


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