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Mobile Marketing is Personal for Consumers
Scott Navratil

Mobile technology is becoming more popular for consumers of all ages, and companies are constantly coming up with creative and captivating ways to reach out to their consumers through mobile technology.  Interactive applications seem to be a popular form of mobile marketing accepted by consumers of all sorts.  Consumers like to have a say when it comes to the business they give, and when they can engage with companies through interactive apps they are likely to continue business with those companies.  One of the appeals of mobile technology is the convenience it provides to users.  Companies should tap into the convenience of mobile technology by making it simple for consumers to reach out to and engage with them.  Company websites used to be enough to please consumers, but now they are looking for an even easier way to find and interact with their favorite companies.  Companies should constantly be focusing most of their marketing efforts towards mobile marketing because most consumers are mobile in one way or another.  Smartphones and tablets are a part of daily life for most consumers, therefore it is one of the most personal ways to reach consumers.

Restaurants are going mobile

According to Mobile Marketer, restaurant chains are tapping into the mobile world by creating interactive apps that make it easy for consumers to purchase their food.  Consumers constantly use the Internet to look up restaurant menus and find the locations closest to them.  The new apps make these searches much easier for consumers ultimately bringing in more business.  Consumers can also pull up coupons and other special promotions quickly and easily when they are purchasing food, and they can keep track of rewards points ensuring that they get the very best deal.  Restaurant chains were hesitant to become part of the apps world because on average consumers only have around 26 apps on their mobile devices and it is unlikely that they would download fast food apps, however, because the apps ensure correct orders at a quick pace and a good deal, consumers are downloading them like crazy.  The point of fast food is that it is supposed to be fast, but the lunch hour is one of the busiest times for restaurants, and who wants to spend their entire lunch break in line?  Using the apps, consumers can place their order, say when they want it ready to be picked up, and guarantee that their order will be correct ultimately saving time for a more enjoyable dining experience.  Marketers are becoming more creative when it comes reaching out to the mobile consumers, and it is vital that companies have a mobile presence that makes life convenient for their consumers, otherwise consumers will look past them.  Some companies do not understand how much having a mobile presence can enhance business, but now that the majority of consumers are mobile, mobile marketing is one of the most personal ways companies can market to their consumers.


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