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Mobile Marketing Political Candidates
Scott Navratil

The whole point of going into politics is to reach more people. You want them to show up to your rallies and listen to you speak. You want them to agree or even disagree with you, as long as they are involved. If nobody ever knows who you are, how are they going to be able to vote for you? It’s all about getting as much information out as possible, so more people know your name. How are you going to do that? With mobile marketing.

Consider a change of pace

A recent poll showed that people will stream videos on their phone a lot faster than they will sit down and watch a show on TV, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. This means that your political ads will be much more effective on the internet than they would in your average commercial. Of course, diversifying your advertising always help reach a larger audience, so you’ll want to keep using all kinds of advertising. However, mobile marketing will reach your largest audience and be the most effective in bringing in more votes.

More people giving up TV

Another reason to start moving towards more mobile marketing campaigns is that people are more than willing to give up TV now. In fact, a new survey showed that people would give up TV over the Internet without thinking twice. Giving up access to smartphones and the Internet woud keep us from our constant connectivity, whereas people watch just a few hours of TV a night anyway, according to Discovery News. The Pew study also showed that people of higher income and education were more attached than the Internet than most, and women were more likely to pick the Internet over TV than men. So, what does this mean? Your audience is online through their mobile devices almost all the time. Why aren’t you using that to your advantage?

Ways to reach more voters

You may be thinking to yourself that it doesn’t really matter if using mobile marketing works better if you don’t know how to do it. Here are a few ways you can reach more voters through their smartphones:

  • Text rally or charity reminders: If you’re hosting a charity event or a rally of some sort, you want as many voters there as possible. Honestly, a lot of people don’t go to those things simply because they don’t know when or where to go to support a candidate.
  • Leave your opinion on Twitter: Though it could get you in trouble if you say the wrong thing, people want to see you’re involved. If you’re posting on Twitter your response to things happening in the country, people will see it.
  • Mobile website: You probably haven’t even thought about it, but you need a website. And not only that, but you need a website that works well on mobile. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a website on mobile just to find out you can’t even navigate through anything. Most people will want to look you up while on the run, which means through their smartphone.


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