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Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2015
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is changing every day thanks to advancements in mobile technology. Here’s a look at some mobile marketing trends you can expect to see in 2015.

More mobile optimization

As more and more people purchase smartphones and tablets, mobile optimization will become even more important than it already is. Relying solely on a traditional website will no longer be an option for business owners. Expect to see a greater percentage of businesses with a mobile website or a website with responsive design.

Increase in social media ad spend

Facebook and other social media platforms are already being used by a large number of businesses. But thanks to Facebook’s recent changes, organic post reach is lower than ever. In other words, businesses are going to realize that they need to invest in paid advertising on social media in order to be noticed.

More content marketing than ever before

Currently there’s a trend of businesses turning to content marketing. Though results aren’t usually as immediate, it seems more and more businesses are seeing the value of content marketing. Expect to see more businesses allocating funds from SEO and PPC to content marketing. There will be an especially big interest in short form content marketing so that content will be easily consumed on mobile devices.

Renewed focus on email marketing

In recent years, email marketing has been decreasing. This is due in large part to interest in social media marketing and search engine optimization. But as Facebook makes it more difficult for businesses to get noticed and search engine algorithms grow ever more complicated, more business owners will be turning back to email marketing because it’s one marketing channel they have absolute control over.

More integration

Expect to see the lines between SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and other channels become more blurred as businesses place emphasis on integrating all of their various marketing channels. As already mentioned, there will be greater emphasis on content marketing than ever before but there will also be more emphasis on disbursing that content across various channels.

More effort to be personal

Millennials, more than any previous generation, are interested in brands that seem personal and human. Expect to see brands working hard to humanize their image. Brands will work harder to be involved in the community and to establish relationships with their customers.

Less promotion, more relevance

Businesses are beginning to see the ineffectiveness of banner advertising as click through rates continue to decrease. Customers simply aren’t responding to the more pushy forms of advertising. Brands are going to focus a lot more on creating relevant ads than on promotional ads.

Despite all of these changes you can expect to see next year, some things will stay the same. For instance, text message marketing will remain one of the most popular and effective mobile channels as it has been since text messaging was invented.


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