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Scott Navratil

Each new year brings changes to the mobile marketing industry. The year 2013 saw a lot of developments in the mobile marketing world and there’s no reason to believe it won’t be the same in 2014. Here’s a look at 2013 in review and changes you can expect to see in 2014.

2013 in review

The past year was a big one for mobile marketing in several respects. For one, the smartphone market has surpassed 50% penetration (the cellphone market is already near 100% penetration). Not only are more people getting smartphones, but they’re using them to shop online too. This past black Friday saw an incredible 21.8% of sales come from mobile devices. Other developments in 2013 include:

  • Apple Passbook as become a major player in the mobile commerce platform becoming the fourth most popular mobile commerce app (it helps that iPhone owners can’t delete it)
  • Mobile and social media got married. Nearly half of Facebook’s users are accessing their Facebook account solely from mobile devices
  • The importance of mobile analytics is finally being realized
  • Location based apps becoming more passive but more aware

Predictions for 2014

Now here’s a look at some developments you’ll probably begin to see in 2014:

  • Wearable tech becomes mainstream. So far, the wearable tech craze hasn’t caught on with the masses. Expect to see the technology to become a little less expensive this year, and consequently, more popular. We might even see the tech giant, Apple release a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. This trend is especially important in terms of the implications for marketers. Because wearable tech is always on and goes wherever the owner does (even more so than smartphones) it is going to be transmitting more data than marketers know what to do with
  • Instagram becomes the number 1 social media site for brands. One reason for this is that the new generation of young teens isn’t embracing Facebook like the generation before them. As a result, brands who wish to reach younger audience are going to turn to Instagram
  • Mobile Services industry. Due to smartphones’ capability to geo-locate and constantly transmit data, more and more businesses are looking at ways to use mobile in the services industry. Imagine you can hail a cab or have your favorite fast food delivered directly to your location at the press of a button
  • Mobile computing replaces desktop computing. This is one that has been unfolding for a while now. Pay attention an you’ll notice that more and more often, you’re pulling out your smartphone or tablet to do things you used to do on your desktop. Other than work, we’re no longer accustomed to going to a specific place in the house to go online. As a result, one size fits all websites won’t cut it any longer
  • Hyper-location based marketing. This is like location based marketing but on a smaller scale. It goes beyond notifying customers when they’re near a store. It sends them deals specific to the part of the store they’re in. As the technology behind it improves and becomes less expensive, marketers are more likely to use it

Source:  Marketing Land


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