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Mobile marketing traps to avoid
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing, and text message marketing in particular, can be an extremely effective marketing tool. For only pennies per text, you can send a message to hundreds or even thousands. Unlike email, nearly every one of those messages will be read and most within a few minutes. Mobile marketing can just as easily backfire though when it’s done improperly. There are many pitfalls that await the unsuspecting business owner new to mobile marketing.

Marketing traps

Here are some mobile marketing traps that businesses would be wise to avoid:

  1. Not having a clear objective. “Everyone’s doing it” isn’t a good reason to get into mobile marketing. Unless you know why you’re doing mobile marketing, you can’t succeed. You need to have a clear goal in mind so that you have something to work towards and measure against.
  2. No budget. Mobile marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing channels. However, it is still possible to overspend if you don’t have a clear budget. Overspending isn’t the only mistake new mobile marketers make. Many new to mobile marketing don’t invest enough to see positive results.
  3. Failing to understand the difference between mobile devices. Mobile devices come in many shapes and sizes. Even more important, they are used in different ways. Strategies that work on one device may not work on another.
  4. Non-shareable content. A major advantage to mobile marketing is that consumers do a lot of the advertising work for you by sharing your content. You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for others to share your content. If they can’t share your content at the press of a button, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.
  5. Failing to integrate your mobile campaign. Your mobile marketing efforts are most effective when used along with other marketing channels. Make sure you’re using your existing marketing channels to advertise your mobile marketing efforts.
  6. No mobile website. Unless you have a mobile optimized website, all of your other mobile marketing efforts will fall short. Nearly half of your web traffic will originate from mobile devices and without a mobile site, much of that traffic will look elsewhere.
  7. Content isn’t engaging. The quality of your content is everything when it comes to mobile marketing. Whatever channels you’re using, if your content isn’t engaging, your efforts will be unsuccessful.
  8. No call to action. Marketers sometimes have a tendency to assume that customers will know what action they want them to take. Mobile marketing is most effective when you include a clear call to action so that your customers know what you want them to do.


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