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Mobile Marketing Using Social Media
Scott Navratil

Social media websites are one of the top places to mobile market other than actual SMS.  According to Forbes, offline marketing tactics such as SMS, TV, radio, and print ads still hold the record high for successful advertising, but the Internet is a close second.  With technology advancing, and digital devices becoming a norm for most customers, companies should take advantage of mobile marketing through social media.  It is true that social media advertising requires a lot of attention from the company, but if done right, companies will see great success.

Adidas and Spotify team up through social media

The vast majority of companies are involved with social media in one way or another, and many of them are teaming up to enhance their mobile marketing success.  Adidas and Spotify are two companies who have taken advantage of marketing through social media.  According to Mobile Marketer, Adidas teamed up with Spotify to promote their training gear as well as encourage customers to become Spotify members and listen to Spotify playlists while exercising.  Using Twitter, the two companies created a campaign called #BoostYourRun, which advertises Adidas’ new Boost running shoes, while sharing already created exercise playlists to make life easier for Spotify listeners.  Customers can share their favorite Spotify workout playlists as well as their experience with their Boost running shoes through Twitter, ultimately getting the word out and enhancing business for both companies. On top of the Twitter campaign, Adidas and Spotify also have a YouTube channel where customers can view a 45 second long video promoting the Boost running shoes while listening to Spotify playlists.  These companies show us that YouTube is another easy way to promote business.

Other benefits of social media advertising

Not only is marketing through social media a great way to get the word out about your company, it is also a simple way to collect consumer data.  Social media gives consumers the ability to control how much they participate in mobile marketing, ultimately allowing companies to gain their trust.  Forbes suggests that targeting customers through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be a great way to reach the specific types of customers that companies are looking for.  Also, companies can view what customers have to say about them through hash tag technologies allowing them to see where they need to improve.  When using social media to market, companies should focus on drawing in as many followers as they can, and then monitor how many of those followers are active users of their sites.  This will allow companies to see which marketing tactics work best.  There are several rules and suggestions for mobile marketers who use social media, and if used correctly, companies cannot go wrong using social media as a marketing tactic.


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