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Mobile to take over marketing in 2015
Scott Navratil

All businesses should start thinking about marketing and customer service for next year by now. It takes a good month or so to get a new marketing campaign underway, so it is important to start now if you want to find success in the new year. But what can you do to find more success next year than you did this year? Well, according to Forbes, you need to switch to mobile.

Mobile underutilized

In 2015, it is predicted that mobile marketing will become one of the most important things you can do to get and keep customers. Right now, it seems like most businesses haven’t quite figured out how to use mobile marketing to the fullest extent, which means you can get ahead of the competition by simply getting started right now and making the most of it. One way to utilize mobile for the best marketing possible is through texting. Even if your customers don’t have smartphones, they will still have texting. It is a great strength for a business to be able to send and receive texts from customers through an artificial intelligence platform. You can boost your customer service capabilities without having to spend more on increased staff through this kind of texting platform, and it reaches the mobile industry better than anyone else.

Wearable tech becoming more prevalent

The other thing you’ll see in 2015 is a huge increase in the amount of wearable technology being produced and the amount being used regularly. By increasing your ability to communicate through mobile, you’ll be able to communicate through these devices as well. Marketing has never been as easy as it is now. People are literally paying for devices they can wear to keep close all the time, and you get a chance to use those devices for marketing. The challenge of advertising in the past has always been where to put an ad that would be seen by the most customers, but now, that is no longer an issue. Just use the devices people are strapping onto themselves, and you won’t have any problem.

Even good for B2B companies

One of the challenges businesses have when marketing to other businesses is that you have to market in a whole new way. There aren’t as many options available, and figuring out a way to reach out to everyone is difficult. Fortunately, in 2015, you can market to other businesses more through mobile as well. In fact, according to Forbes, more than 50% of marketing content for businesses is consumed through mobile devices. By getting on top of the B2B mobile trend now, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition and will have the ability to reach more customers.


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