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New Google Inbox changes email
Scott Navratil

Email has already changed a lot over the years, but Google is trying to, once again, reinvent the way we think about email. Not only will it help the average person organize their email, but it is also great for businesses. In fact, the app almost seems as if it is designed with businesses in mind, though Google hasn’t said anything to that extent. Here’s what you need to know about the new Google Inbox.

Just another step

Google has already made changes to Gmail to make this transition to Inbox easier for you. Most people already have their email going into separate categories such as social and promotions. This is the same idea that will be used in the Inbox app, as it organizes your email into a bunch of different categories rather than having them all come to one spot. A lot of people used to have separate emails for things, but instead, you can now have one email with separate categories where the emails are sent. To clarify, Google Inbox is a separate app from the Gmail app and will be kept as something used alongside Gmail rather than replacing it all together, according to Computer World. There’s nothing people hate more than being forced onto a new platform, even if it really is better.

Keep your business organized

The biggest advantage I see to the new system is that it can help you keep things organized. The categories are created, so emails automatically go to them rather than all showing up in your inbox all at once. Then, you can train your email to put things in other categories by simply moving them. For example, and email from your friend might show up in promotions when really you just want it in your Inbox. It also helps you keep things separate from each other, such as emails from businesses offering discounts and emails about purchases you have made. By being able to have them all in one place, you won’t lose track of them.

Get a reminder

Another new feature in this is a way to snooze emails and reminders. For example, maybe you get an email from your spouse reminding you to take out the trash, but you won’t have time to do it until later in the day. Just snooze that email to the time when you’ll be available, and feel free to forget about it for a while. The email will end up disappearing for a while and showing back up as a new message at the time you set it for. You can even pin messages that are important, so you remember to go back and do them. Just unpin them when you are done. It’s a lot of good stuff all mixed into one app, and it could help you keep your business way more organized. Of course, as a business, it means your customers won’t be getting your emails immediately anymore since they will probably go into a different category, but that’s okay because most businesses use text marketing if they want to get a hold of a customer immediately. And most customers appreciate being able to text in for immediate response as well.


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