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News of iPhone making way
Scott Navratil

The iPhone 5S has not been released, and the details are being kept pretty quiet. Of course, there are plenty of rumors, like usual, but is there truth behind those rumors? All we know is that the news will all be given on September 10. Still, rumors come from somewhere, so let’s see what they are.

In-store trade in making it easy on you

According to USA Today, it is very likely that Apple will start offering to buy back its phones if people bring them in during trade-in. Analysts believe this is the smart move for Apple since these phones are already being purchased by many phone dealers, such as Verizon and AT&T. It just makes sense that Apple would offer to purchase the phones in order to get people in to buy new ones.

Heading to China and other large markets

According to The Washington Post, Apple has not signed on any deals with the large phone carriers in China yet, but it is expected that it will all change with this announcement. More than likely, Apple has finally signed a deal and is going to be offering the phone in much larger markets. Get ready all of those with an iPhone. Your group of friends is about to get much bigger, and Apple is about to make a lot more money. You may want to start buying up stock.

Way less money to buy it

One of the rumors out there is that the cost of the new iPhone will be way cheaper than before. According to Gizmodo, Apple will be recycling old phones to drop the cost of the new phones significantly. It may be as low as $150 with a contract to get a new iPhone. That is a huge deal to the people who have always found Apple as an out-of-reach product financially.

Use a thumbprint with new phone features

The last thing to look at is the new features of the iPhone. Obviously, a quicker processing system will come, but the most exciting rumor out there is the idea of thumbprint identification. Gizmodo suggests that instead of using passwords, you may be able to open your iPhone with a simple thumbprint. That’s great news for people who are really private, but it may not be so good if you want to let someone else in on your phone. It could get really annoying if you have to help a kid unlock the phone a hundred times in one sitting.



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