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Could NFC chips change your wallet?
Scott Navratil

An NFC chip, also known as a Near Field Communications chip, can be found in almost any Android phone you buy these days. The chips allow for easy transfer of funds if you pay with your phone rather than a card out of your wallet. Though iPhone has been slow to adapt to this technology, it is rumored that it will be one of the upgrades announced this September at the Apple show.

Why so slow to adapt?

Knowing Apple, the company likely was avoiding the switch to an NFC chip without first having their own system in place to process the payments. Google, for example, has Google Wallet to process payments. It is likely that the new NFC chip will process payments through an app called iPhone Wallet, according to Hot Hardware. These are still rumors, of course, so don’t get your hopes up too much, but it is about the right time for Apple to release technology to catch up to the competition.

About the NFC chip in iPhones

The NFC chip and Apple Wallet would allow for use of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and even PayPal when you pay for things. You’d simply swipe the iPhone and choose which card you’d like to use to process the payment. Hot Hardware points out that this would then be verified with a thumb print, pin number, or both to ensure the best security possible. With Apple finally on board with NFC chip processing, it is likely that more businesses will get on board leading to more of a standard in processing payments. Many people have been avoiding this kind of payment system since it still isn’t widely used by all businesses, but as that is slowly changing, you can start making the change.

How this changes advertising

If the standard for payment becomes smartphones, it will be impossible for all consumers to own a smartphone. Though we are almost to that point already, it means that you will be able to reach an even wider audience than before. Keep up to date with the best automated texting services will help you reach out to your clients without having to hire a full team of customer service reps. On top of that, it reaches out to your customers in a way that doesn’t feel as spammy and helps develop their trust. If they can easily communicate with you via text, then they are more likely to attempt to reach you instead of just leaving you. You may need to adapt to an NFC chip processing system in your stores as well. Staying on top of all-things mobile with your customer will keep you ahead of the curve and make it easier than if you are forced into it later.



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