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People excited for iPhone 6
Scott Navratil

As people have been waiting to get the new iPhone 6, there have been plenty of rumors about what would actually come with the new phone. And though what was released wasn’t innovative and new like what we expect from Apple, or what we used to expect in the past, it has pleased a lot of customers who had started to contemplate a move to another smartphone manufacturer to get some of the new features.

What you can expect

The most important improvement announced by Apple on the iPhone 6 is a much larger screen. The 5.5 inch screen in large enough to attract buyers who had previously been purchasing Androids because that is the only place a larger screen was available. The new iPhone also takes much better images because of increased camera abilities. Unfortunately, the one thing the phone didn’t give you was a Sapphire screen that would have kept the screen from shattering when dropped. This was something people were expecting as an improvement, but it was not added. The iWatch is made with the Sapphire screen, so it may be coming in next year’s phone.

Huge demand for the iPhone

Getting the iPhone 6 is going to be tricky, as pre-orders have already shown a huge interest in the phone. If you haven’t already pre-ordered the iPhone 6, you might have to wait a while until more of the phone can get produced and the demand isn’t so high. Even boasting a $299 price tag, people are going crazy over the new phone and trying to get it now. Apparently, the large screen is making a big impact because it is giving people exactly what they have been waiting for, according to USA Today. Slight improvements to the software can always be expected, but it is the things you can really see that make the most difference in sales.

Larger screens – more opportunity for advertising

For a long time, it seemed people were more interested in getting the smallest phone possible. I remember seeing commercials showing how small the new phones were compared to other products because, well, people wanted smaller phones. Now, all people want is bigger screens to make it easier to do everything they need. As you advertise, it is important that you consider the ever-changing way people use their phones. With larger screens, you have a lot more capabilities to create larger advertisements or side advertisements that still get seen. Marketing to your customers should still always start with automated text systems that allow for two-way communication between you and your customers without you having to hire a whole team to answer questions all day. Then, you should look into other ways to advertise. Will those texts include links to your website? If so, then optimize your website for mobile. Will your texts have links for downloadable coupons or links to landing pages? If so, consider that you have a lot more space to move and a lot more opportunity to advertise, both to Android users and iPhone users now.


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