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Picking texting customer service over calls
Scott Navratil

Most people would much rather deal with computers in this day and age than real people because it is way faster to get the answer you need from a machine. Of course, customer service is still an essential part of every business model. How do you get the most out of your customer service? Well, the truth is that you can serve customers just as well through texting as you could through calls in many instances.

Why people hate customer service calls

As Yahoo! Finance points out, people get really grumpy at the idea of calling customer service. Not only do you have to wait on the phone for someone to help you, but you also end up having to deal with someone who doesn’t speak very good English or who isn’t communicating very well. Though there are some pretty great customer service reps out there, the truth is that most of them aren’t doing as great of a job as you’d like them to do. Luckily, you can actually lower your cost of customer service and provide better service than ever before by switching to an artificial intelligence texting platform instead.

Texting customer service is better

You may be thinking to yourself how automatic texting could ever be better than a real person, but the truth is, texting allows your company to convey more accurate information without concerns of miscommunication or the inability to understand based on an accent. And the best part? Most of the questions people call in about are things such as dates or times that need to be answered accurately and can be answered much faster through text message, especially if the customer doesn’t have to wait for a customer service rep to finish helping another customer first. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer who just calls to find out your store hours but is first asked to hold for ten minutes.

Freeing up customer service reps for real problems

When using texting customer service, your customers can text in questions about your business to get an automated answer. They may ask things like “What time does the pool open?” or “What are your prices like?” It is amazing to know that an artificial intelligence system can recognize those questions and create answers to them that are sent back within seconds. For questions that are more difficult or angry customers who need a customer service person to calm them down, you should still have staff on hand. A computer can’t fix everything, but it most certainly can bring more clarity and faster answers to customers. On top of it all, texting customer service means you control what is being said to your customers rather than hoping your team members don’t say anything inappropriate or rude.


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