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Pre-installation: They key to mobile marketing
Scott Navratil

Imagine yourself opening up a new smartphone and playing with all the new features you bought. There are many things you expected, such as a web browser, texting, a clock, and a few other apps, but then there are also some pre-loaded apps on your phone. The app-makers can make deals with the phone-makers to get their apps pre-loaded onto phones. That is the ultimate in mobile marketing, which Firefox just discovered.

Firefox gets pre-installation deal

Mozilla Firefox is a beloved web browser with a beloved fanbase. Though Mozilla wasn’t able to score a deal with all phones to get pre-loaded onto cell phones, it did get a deal for being pre-loaded on Kobo Arc tablets and the Gigabyte GSmart Simba SX1 smartphone. Firefox may be small, but it still has between 10 million and 50 million installations in the Google Play store, according to CNET. The non-profit browser company is looking simply to extend their influence and get more people started on a better browser.

What is the point?

If something is pre-installed on your phone, aren’t you more likely to try it? Some people are unwilling to try new things if they have to go through the effort of finding it, downloading it, and then trying to use it. But just using something that is already there to see if it works for you is significantly easier. If Firefox is pre-loaded onto your phone, using it as a web browser is much easier.

Mozilla has the right marketing idea

If you are looking at mobile marketing, your best bet is to use a program that is pre-loaded onto the phone. What better thing to use than texting? Even phones that aren’t smartphones have texting functions available to them. Though there is no guarantee that marketing through Firefox would ever get you anywhere, you are guaranteed that text advertising will be available to your entire audience. Everyone already has it on their phone, so it is really just a matter of whether or not your customers get/read their texts. But that isn’t really a problem either since over 90% of texts are read.

Making mobile marketing number one

Start with a small texting system. Mobile marketing should always be your first thought since our world is evolving to a place where computers are almost becoming unnecessary at home. Advertising is easier when you can send a text and know your customer will get it within a matter of business. It will increase communication with your customers and remind them that you are always available if they need anything. And since it is already on every phone, you don’t have to worry about not reaching your audience. Try it out, analyze your results, and see how many more people respond with mobile marketing.



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