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How Private Messaging Works for Mobile Marketers
Scott Navratil

Many mobile marketers have stayed away from private messaging applications such as Snapchat because the messages can only be seen for a few seconds, and what good does that do for mobile marketing campaigns?  The few mobile marketers who have tried campaigns using private messaging apps have found it difficult to get all the information into one message and allow it to appear long enough for consumers to see all the information provided.  So far the only companies who have seen any real success from private messaging apps are sports leagues.  According to Mobile Marketing Watch, the New Orleans Saints used Snapchat to give fans behind the scenes pictures of what the team was up to at practice, or what their new uniforms looked like.  Fans enjoyed this form of mobile marketing because it felt personal.  They were part of the inside scoop receiving sneak peeks of merchandise before it was offered to the public.  The campaigns were successful perhaps because they were so personal for the fans, but how do retail companies and other businesses connect in the same way through private messaging apps?  Many companies wonder why they even need to become involved with apps like these if they are a struggle to work with.  The truth is, companies need to involve themselves with the advanced technology their consumers are using.  Mobile marketing used to be a simple email with attached coupons, but now companies are becoming more and more creative with how they reach their consumers through mobile devices, and the companies who do not keep up with the technology are likely to fail.

Suggestions for mobile marketers interested in private messaging app campaigns

Because private messages from the apps are so brief, companies need to get their message across quickly.  Like the NFL, a picture of new merchandise or a sale sign is enough to catch the attention of consumers through these private messaging apps.  Messages should be short and to the point so that they can be understood quickly, but marketers should be careful with the content they include in order to avoid creating campaigns that feel like spam to consumers.  Focusing on one key point is smart when using private messaging apps.  Companies have even found success in using private messaging apps to direct consumers to their websites, social media pages, or marketing applications.  Currently most private messaging app users are younger generations, so companies should keep in mind the interests of the users in order for their campaigns to be successful just like every other marketing technique.  Companies need not make private messaging apps their main or only form of mobile marketing, it is just one more way to get the word out to a broad number of consumers. Mobile marketing has proven successful time and time again, and as technology advances it is vital that companies keep up since the majority of consumers are mobile in one way or another thanks to smartphones and tablets.


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