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Problems with the iPhone 5
Scott Navratil

With the iPhone 5s and 5c being released recently, it is about time that we start hearing all the problems associated with it. We all know electronics go bad and the new ones always have the worst problems Maybe in about six months, the new iPhone will actually be working fine again. But by that time, a new one will soon be released, and it may not even be worth it anymore. I guess it’s all what you want. It’s time to see what the big problems with the iPhone are this year.

Big blue screen

There is nothing worse than having your phone freeze up on you, but what if you are just getting a screen completely blue? What does it mean? It’s almost as bad as when your xbox is showing the red circle of death. iPhone users have begun reporting this problem, according to PC Magazine. The blue screen of death, as many refer to it, occurs after you try and shut your phone down while in certain apps. People are used to being able to leave their phone in an app and press the power button to simply put their phones to sleep, but instead, the blue screen appears. Because it has been reported by a number of individuals, people assume it has to do with an error on Apple’s part.

Battery draining

Another issue reported by quite a few iPhone users is a battery draining problem. According to PC Magazine, this is likely a bug in the phone that is causing the battery life to be significantly shorter than before. The only thing Apple has said on the issue is that you preserve battery life and get a longer battery life out of your iPhone by turning off some background apps.

Problems with iMessage

The other big concern that people have been reporting is a problem with iMessage. PC Mag explained that some of the messages just won’t send while others are delayed for an extended period of time. Though there have still been complaints about this issue, it will likely be fixed by Apple fairly quickly in order to avoid angry customers trying to return their phones.

Coming out with something new

Every time a new iPhone is released, people get really excited. For weeks leading up to the release people are talking, and before the announcement of the new phone, people always want to know what is coming. Even now, when the release of the next new iPhone is still a year away, people have started spreading rumors about what to expect in the new iPhone. According to PC Mag, the new iPhone will probably have a redesign including a facelift to the screen size. Bigger is better, or at least it has been lately. I remember when the big thing was making phones smaller and smaller, but now we’ve turned the other direction I guess. If you are willing to wait another year, you may be able to get something between the size of a current iPhone and iPad.


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