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Protect yourself with an iPhone case
Scott Navratil

Have you ever been out on the town or walking down an alley and thought, “What would I do if someone attacked me right now?” Have you ever tried saving your phone over yourself when you drop it? Well, if you’ve ever experienced either of these things, there is a new phone case that will ease your pain. No more worrying about a broken phone or being attacked in dark and scary places. There is an iPhone case just for you!

All about the Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket is an iPhone case that will give you peace of mind in more than one way. When you first look at it, it appears to be a really bulky iPhone case, according to the LA Times. You would never guess what the case has a stun gun in. Not only will the case protect your phone if you ever drop it, but you’ll also be able to stun anyone trying to attack you by keeping your phone handy.

How the taser works

To get to the taser in your phone case, all you have to do is flip the cover down and open it up. The taser prongs can shock you with 650 kilowatts of electricity, bringing pretty much anyone to the ground, according to the LA Times. And the best part isn’t that your iPhone case has protected your phone or you, it is that you can now get away from the person who meant you harm. The taser will make them unable to move their muscles, making it extremely difficult to track where you are going let alone get up and chase you. It is a good way to protect yourself, and disguising it as a cell phone case makes your attackers unaware. And it won’t cost any lasting damage to the attacker.

The down side

There are a few problems to having a stun gun iPhone case to protect yourself. First of all, it is not legal everywhere, so you’ll need to check up on your state and local laws to see if you are even allowed to carry it around. Second, the case isn’t waterproof, which means you need to be really careful when around water. You already do that with your phone, but just be more careful. You’ll especially want to avoid using the taser in the rain or snow where it could end up hurting you more than the criminal trying to attack you.

Protection for you and your phone

The two most valuable things you own can be protected by the Yellow Jacket, making it a pretty neat tool for people who need peace of mind. The truth is that this kind of thing is probably not worth your money since the likelihood of you being attacked is very low. And on top of that, the chances that you’ll have your phone ready for the attacker when you get attacked is even smaller. But at least you’ll know that the two most important things in your life are protected: yourself and your iPhone.

Source: LA Times

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