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Rumors on the iPhone 7
Scott Navratil

This fall, the iPhone 7 will be hitting the shelves, and Apple users are more excited than ever to see what is going to be coming. Though the iPhone used to be on top in the smartphone market, the competition is getting fierce, and Apple needs to step up their game to compete. Here are the rumors for the features expected with the iPhone 7.

Goodbye home button

The iPhone is known for its home button that can be pressed to turn on the phone, bring it back to the home screen, or even be held down to access Siri. Early reports suggest that the new iPhone 7 will not have this button but will have it as a touch surface instead. Basically, the phone will be perfectly level, and you won’t be able to see any kind of bumps across the front of the screen.

There have been many different reactions to this, some saying it is a great move because it puts it on par with some of the competition, and others suggesting it might be a bad move for Apple given that the tech company’s technology is already well-known based on the circle home button. At the very least, it would be a clear move to show that Apple is in the game and looking to change  their image.

Many people have been wondering how accessing Siri would work in this type of situation, and the good news is that Siri would be just as accessible as before though she’d be accessed through tapping motions in the general location of the home screen button rather than actually pressing down a button on the front of the phone. The potential is endless for app producers if tapping motions on the phone can really be recognized and used for app functionality, and it could really give the phone a huge edge over the competition.

A waterproof iPhone?

Though there are cases that can waterproof an iPhone currently, the phone itself is not waterproofed. One of the reasons for removing the home screen button would be to make waterproofing an easier task. Many users are really hoping to see a waterproofed iPhone 7, and if rumors are true, it will only be a few more months until you can get your hands on one.



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