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Rumors spread that Apple iMessage isn’t private
Scott Navratil

After quite a beating over the new iPhone, between lower sales than expected, the blue screen of death, and complaints of motion sickness, Apple is getting even more pressure. People assume that bad things will turn even worse and will listen to any rumors floating their way. The new Apple rumor floating around is that the company will read all your iMessage conversations, turning a lot of people off from the phone and iMessage technology. Apple claims that isn’t true, and without any proof, there’s really no way to tell anyway.

What is iMessage?

According to iPhoneFaq, the iMessage is an alternative to texting. It is basically the ability to send messages, whether texts or multimedia messages, through the internet instead of on a texting plan. It is only allowed to be sent from iPhone to iPhone, so you can’t text someone without Apple technology unless you have a texting plan. iMessage is just like instant messaging and helps you communicate long or short messages. One feature people really like is the delivery/read confirmations that lets you know when the message has been read. No more worrying about whether or not the other person got the message.

Rumors of spies all around

Amidst rumors of the US government spying on its citizens, people are more freaked out than ever about privacy. It is a serious concern to have your personal information read and reviewed by others, especially if there are intimate details about your life involved. The rumor that Apple is reading all your iMessages makes people nervous. The rumor started because Apple was discussing potential vulnerabilities in the iMessage system, but this was just being done to ensure messages are secure, according to VentureBeat. You can be sure your messages are not being read by Apple and they are safe. There’s no guarantee your significant other isn’t reading them though.

Why it matters

Some people don’t understand why it even matters if people can read your messages. There is no real way to tell if someone else is reading them, so you probably had better just be careful about what you write. Privacy is a right we have in this country, so whether you need your privacy or not, it is something to fight for. Most people just don’t want their dirty laundry being aired out for the world to see, and everyone has dirty laundry.

Texting things from your business

Though not necessarily private, texting from your business is a form of communication that people will appreciate. There is no better way to inform them of all upcoming information. If you have an appointment, you can have a text sent reminding them of it. You can use texting to let customers know if there is a sale. There are endless possibilities, depending on what kind of company you own. It never hurts to have a form of communication that is easy for everyone to use, whether they picked an iPhone or an Android.




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