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Safer driving means mobile integration
Scott Navratil

Whenever people develop bad behavior, the government tries to just say no, you can’t do it. This is especially true with the distraction that comes with driving and using your smartphone. Almost everyone you see has a phone in their lap regardless of the law. Maybe Apple has the right idea on how to stop the bad behavior. Maybe, instead of trying to stop it, we should allow mobile integration in our cars but limit what they can do. That’s what Apple’s CarPlay will do, anyway.

What is CarPlay?

The basic idea behind CarPlay is to create more mobile integration in a safer and more user-friendly kind of way. Instead of saying no to everyone and seeing them do it anyway, it may be better to simply say yes and make for a safer driving experience. There are only three things that Siri will be able to do in your car, making it easier to have a hands-free experience. This includes messaging, mapping, and music, according to Information Week.


This includes everything from making calls to sending and receiving text messages. While you are driving, you will be able to easily tell Siri to make a call via Bluetooth and will also have the ability to send and receive text messages. Siri will read the incoming messages and send messages that you dictate. This means you no longer will need to look down at your phone while driving. Instead, you can simply respond to a text by having Siri do it for you.

Mapping & Music

These are two of the things that we always do in our car anyway. We’re always listening to music, and getting directions is a pretty regular thing. It will be significantly easier to listen to music on your iPhone in the car with CarPlay since all you have to do is talk to the car to change songs or go to a different playlist. Mapping will be easier too since most people do this with their phones in their lap right now. Instead of driving giving only half of your attention to the road and half to your phone, you will automatically be able to ask Siri for directions and get directions through your front home screen navigation. It is still easier than most navigation systems because the Siri technology is included with the mobile integration.

Picking a car now

The only problem at the moment is that CarPlay will, at first, only be available for Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Volvo vehicles. But, fortunately, almost all other car brands are looking into incorporating this technology into their vehicles soon, so it won’t be long before you can have it in your car.

Safer mobile marketing

What does this mean for you? It means you can send a text message to your customer without worrying about them getting in a car accident while reading it right away. And it means that your customers who put down their phones while driving will still be able to get your messages right away. It’s a great way to market if you can support safe driving as well as advertise to your customers right away. That’s why mobile integration works so well.

Source: Information Week

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