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Say goodbye to iPod and hello to all-in-one
Scott Navratil

As Apple made announcements of the new iWatch as well as all the new features to show up on the new iPhone 6, it also made an unexpected announcement. The iPod will be no more, as your iPhone has all the same capabilities. What do people think of this announcement, and how is this announcement going to change the way we use technology?

Did you hear the news?

The iPod, which was released just a few days after 9/11, will be put to rest at the end of 2014. Sales had dropped dramatically on the device. And though there were still people buying it for access to music and apps, most people who wanted that kind of access were buying either an iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone. With sales falling, and fewer people buying, it just didn’t make sense to put anymore time or energy into the iPod product.

Some people say it is a good thing because the idea of an iPod simply to store music was outdated with the current technology. This is especially true if you consider that most people keep their music on the cloud to stream from multiple devices anyway. However, there are also the people who are mourning the loss of a device to hold all their music and the ability to upgrade to a newer version whenever they see fit, according to the LA Times. Though the people who are whining about the loss of an iPod probably won’t think about it ever again because they do use their iPads and iPhones for the same things.

All about the all-in-one devices

As we say goodbye to a generation of MP3 player success and hello to the future, you may be wondering what the future holds. Apple apparently sees the future without individual devices for individual things and instead with one all-in-one device that can do everything. The advantages of this are clear. It is a great way to keep all your information in one place, and it allows you constant access to everything you may want or need. But as an advertiser, it also means that advertising to people’s phones is becoming more and more important. As people gravitate more towards smartphones and smartwatches as their main source of communication, having a system in place to contact them through texting is going to be essential to your advertising practices.

Make sure you have a system set up to allow for two-way communication through texting. They should be able to text you with their everyday questions, such as “what time do you open.” And you should have a system in place to automatically respond to create the most personalized and efficient system for communication possible. Texting is never going away and is a feature always transferred over to the new devices. In fact, the iPod allowed for texting before it was discontinued. Make sure you have your texting system in place, and you’ll be able to always reach out to your customers.


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