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Secrets of Successful SMS Marketing
Scott Navratil

No one can disagree that text messaging is one of the easiest and most common ways to communicate using mobile devices, so the fact that companies have access to their customers through text messaging is a sign for bright futures as far as advertising goes.  Many companies do not take advantage of SMS marketing because they are afraid it will push their customers away, when in reality they are missing out on a major opportunity to acquire even more customers.  According to Insurance Business America, people read 98% of their text messages. With those odds, companies should be jumping at the opportunity to become part of the mobile marketing world!

What types of text messages should companies send?

This may seem like a no-brainer question, but it is actually one of the most important questions a company should consider when becoming part of the mobile marketing world.  Obviously the majority of the text messages sent from companies to their customers should be special promotions in order to bring in their business. However, Insurance Business America suggests that companies should not make every SMS about a sale they are having.  Text messages are a very personal form of communication between companies and their customers, so if possible, companies should send “Happy Birthday” or other feel good messages to their customers when necessary simply to make them feel appreciated, and in return they have positive feelings towards the company.  Text messages should be personalized in order to build a relationship between the company and customer.  Tailor messages to specific customers so they don’t feel like just another person on the mailing list.

Rules to follow

Perhaps the most important rule of thumb is not to overwhelm customers with text messages to the point that they withdraw their business.  It is customary for companies to include an opt-out option, but don’t give customers the reason to use it.  Pay attention to the time messages are sent, and remember to consider those customers in different time zones.  Avoid sending messages before 10:00 in the morning or after 8:00 in the evening.  Of course night owls exist, but it is better to be safe than sorry!  Because text messaging is so personal, it is important that customers fully understand and agree to the idea of a company sending them text messages.  Companies who beat around the bush, afraid to give the full truth because they want the customer’s business tend to lose business simply because of mobile marketing.  Never assume that every customer is excited to receive text messages from companies.  You can avoid scaring customers away if you get to know them before assuming that they want to receive frequent SMS from your company.   Last, but not least, keep messages as short as possible.  This is not only convenient for the customer, but it also ensures that the entire message will be read, ultimately bringing in business.  All-in-all, SMS is the ideal way to market if it done correctly.


Chantel Fullilove

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