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Setting up your mobile website
Scott Navratil

We live in a world where doing just one thing seems like a waste of time. That is exactly why people have smartphones. You can browse the web while watching TV, while waiting in line, while sitting on the bus, or even while waiting at events. With smartphones in your pocket all the time, you never have to miss a beat. That is why, as a business, it is so important you are marketing through mobile. This includes everything from text message marketing to mobile website optimization. But how do you get your website ready for mobile viewing?

Getting started with optimizing your website for mobile

There are a few options you can follow to try and get your website ready for mobile. According to BizJournals, you can try the following:

1. Dedicated Mobile Website: One way you can get a mobile website ready is to get a dedicated mobile website that are basically your same site but smaller. It is easier to scroll over things and keep up with the site since you will just be updating your current site to get there. You may have to manage this separately, but some website creation programs allow you to do it simultaneously. Make sure you are constantly checking the mobile site if it is connected to your current site. If not, the mobile site might automatically update to something you didn’t want.

2. Responsive Website Design: The responsive website design trend has just started. With this kind of mobile site, your website will automatically adjust for any kind of screen based on the size. When on a laptop, it would be different than a small phone and different still from a large desktop screen. It is more expensive to create these kinds of sites that will automatically respond to screen size, but, according to BizJournals, but it does make it easier to update and maintain just one website all the time. That could, in the end, save you money.

Choosing what is right for you

If you are trying to figure out which of these options is right for you, you’ll want to look at how much time you have or the employees you have. If you have a whole team to maintain your website, then you can get away with a dedicated mobile website. The team will constantly be checking the site anyway, so it should work out really well. If it is just you, which is much more likely if you are small business owner trying to keep your site up, then you should definitely go with a dedicated mobile site. Though it costs more to get set up in the first place, it is much less time consuming and can help you keep up without having to worry too much about how the site looks.

Other considerations

Another thing to consider is making sure your site works on all browsers. Phones don’t support flash, so you should probably avoid using flash websites that won’t translate. Check your site in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and anything else that might be used to view it. This will ensure you have a site that can be viewed by anyone, no matter what browser or device they are using.



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