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Seven different uses for SMS marketing
Scott Navratil

SMS marketing is one of the most cost effective mobile channels but many business owners don’t use it to it’s full potential. If you’re looking to expand on the ways you’re using SMS for your small business, consider the following seven ideas.

Micro content

The goal of content marketing is to provide customers with valuable and interesting information so as to be seen by them as a reputable source for good information and a trusted brand. Typically when businesses engage in content marketing, it’s longer form content like blog articles. Micro content sent via SMS would consist of a one- or two-sentence tip that fits within the 160 character limit. It’s a great use of the SMS channel because customers will tire of self-serving promotion on the part of the business. Micro content is a way to give something without explicitly asking for anything in return.

VIP offers

Another way to offer value to SMS subscribers is to offer them exclusive offers that can’t be obtained through any other channel. Not only does this diversify the way you’re using SMS for your small business but it adds extra incentive to opt in to receive text messages since they know that there’s no other way to get those deals. It also adds an air of exclusivity to the channel so that customers feel more appreciated.

Flash sale notifications

Especially good offers but only available for very short periods of time are especially effective at driving foot traffic. On a slow day or during a slower time of day when employees are being paid to stand around, a flash sale sent via SMS can get people to come in. SMS is an especially effective channel for flash sales because approximately 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent.

Order status and shipping updates

If your business routinely ships orders to customers, the option to receive order status and shipping updates will be attractive to many customers. Emailed shipping notifications are often accidentally deleted unread or are filtered straight into a junk folder where they’re never seen. Signing up for these notifications could be a great way to introduce new customers to your SMS channel and get more opt ins as well.

Restock and new product updates

If you’ve recently got new stock of a popular product that had previously been sold out or if you’ve added a new product, sending a text to notify your most loyal customers about it will be appreciated by them and help boost sales of those products as well.

Appointment reminders

If the nature of your business includes the scheduling of appointments, SMS can be used to send appointment reminders a day, or even hours, ahead of the scheduled appointment time. As with order notifications, appointment reminders are an ideal use of the SMS channel because of its time sensitive nature. This is not only another way to make life easier for customers but it helps your own bottom line as well since fewer missed appointments translates to less lost productivity.

Mobile coupons

Last but not least is the most tried and true use of SMS: the mobile coupon. It may not be original but it’s a safe bet since the redemption rates for coupons are several times better when they’re sent via text as opposed to email or as print mailers.


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