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Should you get the Galaxy S7 or LG G5?
Scott Navratil

Samsung and LG were both huge hits at Mobile World conference, and Android lovers have been trying to figure out which of these phones will be the next best thing for them. Both have great features, and they are actually fairly similar in what is offered. There are really only a few small differences that might make or break your opinion on them, so here’s the lowdown.


Both the S7 and G5 have some new features that people are excited about. According to Slash Gear, the screen sizes are fairly similar with the S7 at 5.1 inches and the G5 at 5.3 inches. They both have 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage with microSD slots available (though the S7 has an option for 64 GB of storage). Both batteries are fairly similar including quick charging times. Both phones are rated to be waterproof, and they are both fairly durable.

Both companies have also focused on creating more sleek displays, which is important since customers are starting to like specific looks and won’t buy something they think looks big or bulky. Almost all smartphones are starting to look the same, but it’s what the people want, so it is what they will get.

Biggest advantages of each phone

The biggest reason to choose the LG G5 over the Samsung Galaxy S7 is that it has a removable battery. Because both of the batteries are similar in features, it is important for hardcore users to be able to have a second battery when needed or to be able to replace it if the battery stops working as well. More and more mobile manufacturers have been changing to the non-removable batteries, so customers who have been disappointed in that will be more interested in getting the LG G5. It clips out of the bottom of the phone, so it is easy to remove and replace.

The camera is another big difference. If clear selfies are important to you, the LG G5 might be the option you should go with. It has an 8 MP camera compared to the 5 MP camera offered by the Galaxy S7. The rear cameras are different as well. LG is offering a higher MP count at 16 but also has a second camera at a wide angle which will offer more 3D options. With the Samsung phone, you’ll be getting a new dual pixel AF system, which makes it so the lower 12 MP still works very well when you take pictures.

Ultimately, deciding between these two phones depends on your wants and needs, so you’ll have to figure out what is most important to you and whether or not you have those features available in the phone you choose. If you want something reliable that isn’t changing drastically and will always work the way you expect, you may want to pick the Samsung Galaxy S7. If you are interested in more new and exciting ways of doing things and the ability to choose for yourself, try out the LG G5 this time. It won’t hurt.


Source: Slash Gear

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