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Six fast and easy ways to improve customer service
Scott Navratil

Most businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve customer service, but did you know there are ways you could improve customer service right now? Here are six ways, according to Forbes, that you can change right now to give your customers a better experience when they work with your business.

1. Phone manners

You already know that manners will affect your customers, but did you know that the same principle applies to when you are interacting with them through a phone? This includes text message marketing and phone calls. Rather than relying on customer service reps to text the right thing to your customers, try setting up an artificial intelligence texting system to respond to them with pre-determined messages. This will ensure there are no problems with manners and that your clients are happy with the answers.

2. What does your front entrance look like?

Even if we don’t want to admit it, first impressions are important. That means you have to make a good impression the moment a customer walks through to door. Make sure your front entrance is tastefully decorated and is clean, so as to keep customers from having a bad taste in their mouths.

3. Before the front entrance

Make sure all of your online information is accurate. If a customer cannot find your office or gets lost going to the wrong address, they will be turned off before you even have a chance to make a good impression.

4. Getting into your website

The first impression of your website might also be a turn-off. You need to make sure and keep your site updated and make it easy to use. It would be bad to lose business before it starts because of your website.

5. Addressing bad reviews

People are going to have a bad experience once in a while, and this may be out of your control. If this happens, you will want to address it and make it right. The internet is a big place where it is very easy to find negative reviews about a company. If you are constantly checking up on those and fixing them, it will give your company a good reputation for customer service.

6. Weekly customer service meetings

If you have a customer service team, make sure you are meeting with them at least once a day for five or ten minutes to give quick customer service reminders. It shouldn’t take long but should give motivation and reminders to your team. If you don’t have a customer service team, make sure you at least have your text messaging service available to reach out to your customers and allow for them to reach out to you. As an automated system, you can afford to have a smaller team of people taking care of customer service calls and online requests.

If you take these six fast steps to changing your customer service approach today, you’ll be able to get more customers through the door and will be able to keep them longer.


Chantel Fullilove

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