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Six mobile marketing musts
Scott Navratil

Mobile technology is always quickly advancing. With each new technology consumers become more savvy and businesses have to work harder and harder to keep up. Technologies that used to be novel ideas that only the biggest brands could use are quickly becoming the norm. Here’s a look at six mobile marketing tips that are no longer just nice to have, they’re marketing musts.

Deep linking

While email and websites can be accessed from computers, smartphones, and tablets alike, apps are designed just for mobile. It makes sense then that companies with a mobile app should take every advantage to link consumers to that app. Emails, text messages, and the company’s mobile website should have a link that can take customers directly to that company’s mobile app. If a company isn’t deep linking, they’re missing a tremendous opportunity.

Video marketing

Video marketing used to be one of those things only the biggest companies invested in. But mobile has proven such an effective channel for mobile content that even the smallest local businesses are getting into video marketing. Because people are more likely to watch video content on a mobile device than a desktop, it’s crucial for businesses wanting to connect with mobile customers to create video content. It can be as simple as having a Vine or Youtube account for your business and regularly uploading short video clips that promote your service or product in an engaging way.

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Don’t monetize too soon

Many marketers are quick to monetize consumers. From the moment a person downloads an app or signs up to receive texts or emails the company starts trying to turn that consumer into a buyer. While making money is the end goal, it’s not likely to happen if that’s your only focus. Instead of trying to monetize consumers right off the bat, focus on engaging them as well. If they’re engaged with your mobile app or website, chances are they’ll start spending money all on their own.

Mobile optimization

When smartphones were just getting started, businesses could afford to not optimize for mobile. Those days are gone. If your business’s website and emails aren’t optimized for mobile, you can’t imagine the opportunities you’re missing. Today nearly half of all web traffic originates on mobile devices and an increasing percentage of people are accessing their email exclusively on their mobile device. If they’re seeing web content and emails designed for a computer monitor, chances are they’ll get frustrated and shop elsewhere.

Don’t jump on every mobile bandwagon

Many will be quick to tell you that you have to try this or that new mobile strategy but do your homework first. Geolocation is a great example. There has been a lot of hype about it and it may yet become a major player in the mobile marketing industry. But for now, it’s something that will probably affect about 1% of your target audience.

Make it easy to find in a few taps

If there’s one thing mobile consumer behavior has taught us, it’s that they’re very impatient. Unlike desktop consumers who are more patient to browse around for what they’re looking for, mobile users know what they want and they want it that moment. Make sure your mobile site/app is designed with that in mind. Make sure that consumers can find what they need with as few taps on their screen as possible.

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