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Six reasons marketers should make women a higher priority target
Scott Navratil

Many studies point to an important fact for social media marketers: women are the most important demographic when it comes to social media. Despite this, many marketers aren’t working hard enough to target the female audience. Here’s a look at 6 reasons why women should be a higher priority to social media marketers.

Women are the majority on social media

Simply put, there are more women than men using social media. Here are some stats concerning the percentage of US adults on social media:

  • 76% of women use Facebook compared to 66% of men
  • 54% of women use Tumblr compared to 46% of men
  • 33% of women use Pinterest compared to just 8% of men
  • 20% of women use Instagram compared to 15% of men

Women are on social media more often

Not only do a greater percentage of women use social media but they’re more likely to use it several times throughout the day than men. Approximately 30% of women report that they check social media several times a day compared to 26% of men.

Women are more likely to engage with brands on social media

Here’s a few more important statistics:

  • 54% of women say they support brands on social media compared to 44% of men
  • 53% of women access offers from brands compared to 36% of men
  • 39% of women stay current with brands compared to 33% of men
  • 28% of women comment on brands’ pages compared to 25% of men

Women consume more news on social media

Women are more likely to use social media to consume news. Approximately 58% of women report using social media to consume news compared to 42% of men.

Women lead the trend of social media use via mobile

As mobile technology increases a greater percentage of people are using mobile devices to access social media and it’s the women leading that trend. Here are some statistics:

  • 46% of women use smartphones to access social media compared to 43% of men
  • 32% of women use tablets to access social media compared to 20% of men

Women drive the visual social media trend

The fastest growing social media companies are those that emphasize visuals such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. In the past year these three social media websites have gained 10 million users and women make up the greater percentage of users on all three of them.

Chantel Fullilove

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