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Six ways to drive more web traffic to your mobile website
Scott Navratil

Investing time and money into a mobile version of your website is absolutely necessary in today’s mobile-first society. It can also increase the odds of achieving success in digital marketing. But simply having a mobile site is no guarantee of success. Tragically, many people invest resources into designing a mobile site that few people visit. It isn’t enough to create a mobile site, you have to drive traffic to it as well.

Here are six ways you can drive more web traffic to your mobile site.

Video on the landing page

The thought of producing a video for your brand is enough to make any small business owner shudder. That’s because many business owners are still stuck in the mindset of the previous generation–that video advertising must be of high production value to be worth doing. But thanks to the popularity of video sharing platforms like Youtube and the prevalence of video content on social media sites, today’s consumers are more accustomed to the idea of amateur quality video content.

Don’t worry about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to rent expensive audio/visual equipment, and don’t stress about hiring a professional video editor or commercial director. A simple camcorder or smartphone camera with a built-in mic can do the trick. What’s most important is that your video content be authentic and reflective of your brand’s message. Landing pages with video content are much more likely to get visitors to stay on your site and click onto other pages see more.

Links on social media

Social media and your mobile site should go hand-in-hand. That’s because social media platforms are almost exclusively accessed via mobile device in today’s world. So it stands to reason that social media is an especially important channel for driving mobile web traffic. Including the occasional link to your website in social media posts is sure to boost your mobile web traffic.

Influencer marketing

Social media has given birth to a new time of marketer: the niche influencer. Using a trusted voice like a celebrity to give your brand credibility with customers is not a new strategy. But thanks to social media, anyone with a blog or a Youtube channel can be such an influencer. No matter how niche your industry, there are key influencers that have the attention of your target audience already. Forming relationship with these influencers will ensure that they’re helping to drive web traffic to your mobile site.

For more on influencer marketing head over to our blog post: 5 Tips on Influencer Marketing.

Mobile-focused SEO

SEO efforts that are effective for a traditional desktop website won’t necessarily carry over to SEO for a mobile site. That’s because people word their search queries differently when they’re using a mobile device as opposed to a desktop or laptop computer. For instance, mobile search is more likely to contain the name of the city in the search string and searches are more likely to contain long-tail keywords than single keyword searches. Something as simple as rethinking your approach to SEO can have dramatic results on your mobile web traffic.

SMS marketing

Social media isn’t the only mobile-focused channel that can help drive web traffic. If increased mobile web traffic is your goal then using SMS to link consumers to your website is a surefire way to do it because you can be assured that every recipient is on a mobile device in the first place. Just make sure when including links in your text messages to use a URL shortener so that you’re not wasting valuable space. When it comes to text messages every single character counts.

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Mobile optimization

Just as you’ll want to optimize your SEO efforts for mobile devices, you’ll want the website itself to be optimized for mobile. Since mobile users are less patient when it comes to waiting for a webpage to load, you’ll want to do all you can to trim down load times. You’ll also want to use responsive design or a dedicated mobile site so that mobile visitors will be able to easily navigate your page without having to pinch and zoom to try and read tiny text meant for a much larger screen.

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