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Smart Homes: No Longer a Pipe Dream
Scott Navratil

Remember those movies where the characters’ homes were ran by touch screens on the walls and all the homeowners had to do was press a button when they wanted a home cooked meal or the bathroom cleaned?  Remember how you used to daydream about how nice it would be to live in a home like that?  Well we are not too far from it!  We are constantly left in awe over the newest forms of technology, because once we think it cannot get more impressive, innovators impress us even more.  Technology is all about making our lives more convenient, and that is why innovators are tapping into the idea of smart homes. According to Mobile Marketer, Staples is one company that has already come up with a smart home system called Staples Connect.  All consumers have to do is purchase the Wi-Fi hub which ranges anywhere from $50-$100, then they can download the free application which serves as a remote for the hub from wherever the homeowner is located.  The app allows homeowners to take care of tasks such as lock doors, turn off lights, and set alarms.  So now when you cannot remember if you locked the front door before you left, you can double check from wherever you are.  We only dreamed of seeing this type of technology in our lifetime, and now here it is and the best part is that it is completely affordable!

The importance of mobile devices

Companies like Staples understand the importance of smartphones and tablets to their consumers.  These mobile devices are part of consumers’ every day lives, and they are a great way for companies to reach their consumers on a personal level.  Consumers depend on their mobile devices to make their lives easier, and companies have the ability use mobile devices as a mobile marketing technique that would also make their consumers’ lives easier.  If smart home technologies have taught us anything it is that the functions of mobile devices are becoming greater which means they will be used for just about everything.  Companies should take advantage of this technology by creating mobile sites, applications, and other forms of mobile presence in order for their consumers to easily access them.  The more convenient it is for consumers to reach their favorite companies, especially through their mobile devices, the more likely they will stay with those companies as well as encourage their friends and families to use them as well.  Becoming part of the mobile world is a must for companies these days because the majority of consumers are mobile and the numbers continue to rise.  As technology becomes greater, consumers continue to use it, and companies have the opportunity to use it as well for their benefit.  Companies are silly to not take part in mobile marketing simply because of the success it brings!


Chantel Fullilove

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