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Smartphone apps making the big bucks
Scott Navratil

Every day, you get on your smartphone and use at least one app. Chances are, you’re using multiple apps a day. Some of the apps won’t cost you anything, but most of them were either purchased or you are making in-app purchases with them. You can bet that smartphone apps are making the big bucks, or they have some purpose to ultimately make someone money. Just how much money do people spend on apps?

Apple selling smartphone apps

If Apple just made money off the smartphones, tablets, and computers it sells you, it would still make a pretty profit every year. But with a cut of every smartphone app sold, Apple is making a lot of extra money with every thing you do on your iPhone. With a 30% cut on every app purchase made, Apple has made over $3 billion in revenue in the last year, according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s quite a bit of extra cash for the technology Giant just by taking a cut of what other people are selling.

Used to be all Apple

It used to be that all most of the “good” apps were only available on Apple products, giving the company a huge edge over the competition, but now app developers are creating smartphone apps available to all of the platforms. In fact, there are so many more options for Android phones that some of the app developers are exclusively developing Android apps instead of Apple. Though Apple is still doing extremely well, it has lost the competitive edge given when exclusivity was still around.

Create your app

Your company could probably benefit from an app, especially if you sell product online. Having an app reminds customers to check out what you currently offer and makes it much more streamlined. If you have regular customers, being able to view the details of their orders by simply opening an app is a lot easier than trying to load the website on a mobile device, and most people want to check those order statuses while on the go. It also helps for services, so you can easily show your clients the status of your projects. Offering a place for people to go and check themselves on the product will also greatly decrease the number of customers calling in for information, so you won’t need such a large customer service team.

Consider a texting program

Another thing you might want to consider is a texting program that allows your customers to text quick questions in for your business to reply. For example, your customer might just want to know what hours you are open or your address, so they can come on over and check out your store. In these situations, it is way easier to send a text than to make a phone call, especially if they are at work or on the road with friends while trying to gather the information. With the right mobile updates including smartphone apps, you could make a lot of extra cash.


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Chantel Fullilove

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