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Smartphone to test alcohol level with Alcohoot
Scott Navratil

Have you ever realized how fascinating your smartphone is? It can do everything from give you directions to let you search for cat videos. Some are more useful than others, but that’s besides the point. And on top of all that, you can add extra apps and devices to your smartphone to make it even more useful to your everyday needs. Not only does it offer you calling, texting, chatting, playing, and internet capabilities, but now it can even help you with daily decisions, such as whether or not you’ve had too much to drink.

A drink away from getting in the car

Imagine you’ve been at a dinner party with some friends and aren’t exactly sure if you’ve had too much to drink. You weren’t planning to stay the night or to call a cab, so why not just drive home? Of course, you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone else in an accident or get a DUI from some cop waiting on the road for you. If only you could know exactly what your alcohol level was…

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Well now you can! It is called Alcohoot and it connects to your smartphone to let you test your blood alcohol level. You have to breath hard into it just like the ones the cops have, according to Forbes, but your smartphone will be able to track your alcohol level very well after it is plugged into your smartphone.

In order to make it easier for users to work with, the breathalyzer has a blue light to let you know when it is ready, and it vibrates to let you know it has enough breath to get a good analysis. Next time you are out with friends and want a little buzz without becoming a danger to anyone, you can bring your Alcohoot and test yourself.

For the designated driver

Maybe the real point of this device is for your designated driver. It is never fun to get asked to be the driver during the holidays, weddings, or other big events where drinking is involved. Maybe you just want a little bit without getting too carried away and being incapable of driving. If that’s the case, you can bring your Alcohoot with you and just have a drink or too. Test yourself on your smartphone to make sure you are still okay to drive, and your smartphone will help you keep track of your alcohol levels.

Other reasons to keep around a breathalyzer

This kind of device may not be just for the people out there who want to drink. You may want to keep it around to test other people. For example, maybe you have a teenager that likes to party just a little too hard. Buy one of these and start randomly checking their levels. If you have hard consequences, they will probably stop drinking all the time. It could be a good way to teach teens that there are consequences to their actions without them having to realize it on their own by getting sent to prison.

Maybe you have a family member who is living with you but is on parole. Grab one of these, and you can test them regularly to make sure they are following the law. Better for you to find out and help them fix the problem than that their parole officer catches them breaking the law. With your smartphone you can do so much more than just call people. You can even save a life.

Source: Forbes

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